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1. Entry and Exit Formalities

We will provide administrative support for completing the paperwork required for your visa application as well as assistance during processes such as, the authorization of a Certificate of Eligibility. All visa formalities are handled by professional administrative scriveners.


  1. Assistance completing paperwork and applications for authorization of Certificate of Eligibility, status change, extension of period of stay and re-entry permit.
  2. Personal consultation.

2. Real Estate

We can help expedite your house hunting process and provide you with the proper resources to find a suitable accommodation based on your preferences. We can provide a interpreter during meetings with rental companies to help overcome the language barrier. As an added convenience, we can also provide housing information prior to your move to Japan.


  1. Provide housing information from reliable property companies.
  2. Bring translators to assist you during house viewings and rental agreement meetings.
  3. Assistance when signing a contract and terminating a rental agreement.
  • Assistance during utilities setup is available.
  • Furniture rental and delivery is available.
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3. Utilities

We will help with the setup of utilities such as, power, gas, water and phone line. This will help alleviate stress caused by complicated contract and setup procedures.


  1. Assistance during utility registration and contract termination meetings.
  2. Attendance by support staff during utility installation.
  3. Assistance with payment arrangements.

4. PC setup / Internet Connection

We offer services to setup your PC and internet connection. From basic PC and peripheral technical support to maintenance and antivirus protection, we provide a full line of services to ensure that your computer is ready to use.


  1. Register and connect your PC to a recommended internet service provider.
  2. Rental and delivery of PC and peripherals available.
  3. Setup PC and peripherals.

5. Kindergarten / School

We can provide you with kindergarten and school profiles so that you have the necessary information to choose the one that is best for your child. If needed, we can also help you choose a transportation service to/from kindergarten or school.


  1. Provide kindergarten and school profiles.
  2. Assistance in school application process and document preparation.
  3. Attendance at school events, such as orientation and entrance ceremony.
  4. Attendance during parent-teacher-student meetings and home tutoring sessions with teacher.

6. Furniture / Appliances

We can provide furniture, home décor and appliances for your new home.


  1. Rental and delivery of furniture, home décor and appliances.

7. Automobile

We can make arrangements for you to purchase, lease or sell an automobile. We can also recommend maintenance or repair shops if needed.


  1. Locate auto dealers in your area, and accompany you to the dealer.
  2. Reserve rental car on your behalf.
  3. Referral to automobile insurance companies.
  4. Refer inspection and car repair companies.
  5. Instruction for car navigation systems.

We will provide complete support services and up-to-date information for expatriate life in Japan in areas such as, translation, visa application, medical & financial services, everyday living and your return home.

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