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Corporate Profile
Trade Name
Welcome to JP Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
2-28-633 Shimomiyabi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0822
19 August 2005
Business Goals
  1. Providing orientation for expatriate workers in Japan and those planning on moving to Japan.
  2. Providing comprehensive support services for expatriates moving to Japan.
  3. Managing the move to Japan and arranging residences in Japan for expatriates.
  4. Handling the legal procedures for moving and living in Japan.
  5. Conducting seminars on living in Japan.
  6. Providing comprehensive employee and business research in Japan.
  7. Providing information on internet and website providers.
  8. Providing furniture and electrical appliance rental and mail order services.
  9. Establishment and operation of an emergency call center.
  10. Employment advertising and consulting for companies needing expatriate workers.
Group Company

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