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1. Medical Support

We will locate all medical clinics within your area and also accompany you to you're appointment.


  1. Find all local clinics and hospitals.
  2. Provide assistance to schedule an appointment with a doctor.
  3. Attendance of interpreter at clinics and/or hospitals to assist you during check in, payment and filling prescription.
  4. Insurance claim procedures.


  • We will not provide translations during medical consultations and examinations.
  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of the translation of medical terms and advice.

2. Household Maintenance

We provide home repair and household services such as cleaning and plumbing.


  1. Sanitization of kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Maintenance and repair of wall paper, window screens and door locks.
  3. Maintenance and repair of water outlets, drain and sewage.

3. Interpretation / Translation

We provide Japanese to English translation services required for general documents such as manuals and class papers. We will also refer interpreters required for communication purposes.


  1. Introduce interpreters.
  2. Translation of general documents.
  • We can briefly summarize content that requires urgent translation and communicate this via phone within 24 hours.
  • We will have translated documents completed in about one week.
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  • We translate general documents only. In the case that a specialized document requires translation, we will refer you to a professional translation company.

4. Moving & Relocation

We can help you manage your moving or relocation process whether it is domestic or international. Arrangements can also be made for support staff to be present during your move.


  1. Recommend a reliable and reputable moving company.
  2. Presence of support staff your during your move.
  • Utilities setup support is available.
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5. Travel Arrangements (Air, Hotel, Other)

We can make arrangements for your travel plans from airplane, train and car rentals to hotel reservations, concerts and sports events. We also provide affordable packaged tours customized and designed specifically to suit your needs.


  1. Arrange your travel plans and reserve event tickets.
  2. Provide travel guides translated into English.
  • All bookings and arrangements can be made at short notice.
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We will provide complete support services and up-to-date information for expatriate life in Japan in areas such as, translation, visa application, medical & financial services, everyday living and your return home.

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