Welcome to Japan!
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1. Japanese Language School

You can register for classes at our Japanese language school. We currently offer 3 different levels of proficiency, all at an affordable price.


  1. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes offered.
  2. For each 40-minute class there is a 40 student capacity.
  3. Our original text book is available.

2. Second Mailing Address Service

We can setup a second mailing address for you as your personal PO Box in Japan. The advantage of a second address is to filter out junk mail from your more important postal mail. Redirecting mail to your home country can also be arranged after you leave Japan.


  1. Provide you with a second mailing address.
  2. Hold and redirect mail.

3. Consultation Service (Phone and e-mail)

We provide consultation and counseling services needed to adjust to your new life in Japan. We also offer concierge services available through telephone and e-mail.


  1. Consultation and counseling services via phone and e-mail.
  2. Brief translation and interpretation via phone.
  3. Concierge services.

We will provide complete support services and up-to-date information for expatriate life in Japan in areas such as, translation, visa application, medical & financial services, everyday living and your return home.

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